Research position in affiliation with Okayama University, Japan for a Doctoral Degree in collaboration with JBM-GNC-EELS Consortium


Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM), R & D Unit of M/s. Nichi-In Biosciences Private Limited, supported by M/s. Hope Foundation jointly with M/s GN Corporation Co. Ltd., Japan have developed several novel technologies, for which IPs have been filed with some granted ( Based on these technologies, a biomaterial lab by M/s JBM Inc., Japan & a Cell culture & tissue engineering facility by Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science (EELS) has been established in Tokyo, Japan and translational research is underway. To further improvise the technologies which could lead to novel clinical applications in regenerative medicine, research programs with academic institutes and industrial laboratories are being set up under the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium.

In one such initiative, the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium in discussion with Okayama university, Japan, are planning to offer a joint research programme starting from April 2020 leading to the award of PhD degree upon successful completion. Candidates enrolled in this programme will play an important role in conducting scientific research with the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium and based upon several eligibility criteria/requirements to be fulfilled, become eligible for the award of the PhD degree by Okayama university, Japan. The duration of the course is 3 (three) years starting from April, 2020.

Area of research

Novel biomaterials, cell specific culture methodologies, tissue engineering technologies, cell characterizations and allied domains of regenerative medicine in line with the research work of NCRM (For publications click here) and the laboratory of Prof. Masaharu Seno, Okayama University (For publications click here).

Place of research

Candidate will perform the research at the Biomaterial lab of M/s JBM Inc., Japan & Tissue Engineering facility of Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science (EELS) . They will also have to visit/attend lectures/perform part of research work at the Okayama University for the necessary credit hours and completion of other procedural formalities for the PhD degree.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Nationals of India.
  2. Should have completed master’s degree in fields of Regenerative Medicine / Medicine, Dentistry / Biotechnology / Veterinary medicine / allied fields of biological sciences with the degree being awarded mandatorily before March 2020.
  3. Are deemed to have academic ability equal to or greater than that of a master’s degree holder by the Graduate School and who have reached the age of 24.
  4. Must hold a valid passport at the time of application/enrolement.
  5. Those who are expected to obtain a visa status of “Student” stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act of Japan after being enrolled in the Graduate School.
  6. Those who were recommended by the schools from which they graduated as being particularly excellent in both personality and academic ability.
  7. Must have working English proficiency.
  8. Candidates who have completed the following English tests are welcome
  9. ・IELTS
    ・TOEFL iBT®

    When you have not taken these tests, you should submit a certificate of English ability issued by the graduate school, etc. from which you graduate.

  10. Adequate number of publication/expertise in cell culture/nanotechnology/regenerative medicine.


Selection process

  1. The deadline to Fill the application form and send it by email to was 28th of November, 2019.
  2. The role of NCRM & Hope Foundation is only to scrutinize the applications and completely filled applications from candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be forwarded to the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium who along with the Okayama University Faculty will select the candidates at every stage based on the credentials.
  3. Selected candidates in the preliminary stage will be notified by the 30th of November 2019 in their primary email id provided in the submitted application form.
  4. Then, the selected candidates will have to complete the documentation formalities mandated by the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium and Okayama University before the 5th December 2019.
  5. Final list of selected candidates to attend interview in Japan will be notified by the 20th of December, 2019 in their primary email id provided in the submitted application form.
  6. Interview in Japan will be scheduled between the 10th of January, 2020 and the 10th February, 2020.
  7. FCQ elites, NCRM NICHE participants and TPRM candidates may get partial or full travel assistance to attend the interview in Japan subject to approval of the consortium.
  8.  Candidate selected in the interview will be notified by the 25th of March, 2020 and will have to enrol in the programme from April, 2020


Candidate selected and enrolled in the PhD Programme will be provided the following:

1. One time return air-fare from the nearest airport in India to Tokyo, Japan

2. Allowance towards living expenses in Japan

3. Reimbursement towards work related travel expenses in Japan during the tenure of the programme.

4. Complete tuition fee reimbursement for the course at Okayama University as per the regulations of Okayama University/scientific /regulatory bodies of Japan.

5. Entire research grant for the research to be conducted by the candidate during the programme will be borne by the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium.

Terms and conditions for the scholarship will be intimated to the final selected candidate prior to enrolment in the Ph.D. Programme in Japan.


Additional Instructions

  1. No queries to the organizations involved in the programme whichever mode (email, phone etc.) it may be, will be entertained.
  2. Any attempts to ask queries/trying to influence the selection in any manner will lead to immediate disqualification of the candidate.
  3. Decisions/selections will be notified only to the primary email id provided by the candidate in the submitted application form.
  4. It is the duty of the candidate to provide correct details and check the authenticity of the provided information. Any wrong /fraudulent information provided/fraudulent activities of the candidate identified  during any point of the selection process will be penalized.
  5. Decision of the JBM-GNC-EELS consortium in final in all matters.