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Visit of students from Yamanashi University, Japan to NCRM et al.,

A team of seven medical students from the faculty of medicine, university of Yamanashi, Japan, visited Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine and their collaborating institutes in India to learn more about Regenerative Medicine and related developments in India in these centres.

They visited Stanley Medical College, Darshan Eye Care, Sankara Nethralaya, Life Line Hospital, Frontier Life Line- Dr KM Cherian Heart Foundation, Ticel park in Chennai and also had a picnic to the mahabalipuram monuments before proceeding to Delhi. This photo essay describe about their vist with relevance to their visit and regenerative medicine.

In Stanley Medical College Hospital Dr Jayakumar, (Stdg centre) Vascular surgeon took them around and explained to them about the Social health care system operational in government hospitals of the state. Prof. Rajkumar, (not in the picture) explained to them about the vascular problems prevalent in India

Sankara Nethralaya is the first institute in India for NCRM to start their collaborative research in 2002 and the team visited and interacted with the research departments headed by Dr HN Madhavan (Microbiology) who is the principal investigator of the first study on corneal stem cells, Dr Kumaramanickavel (Genetics) and Dr Biswas (Ocular pathology) and all clinical specialties.


Dr HN Madhavan (Stdg 2nd from left) and Dr Lily Therese (3rd from left) received the team and explained to them about the corneal stem cell project in which initial experiments have given excellent results.


Dr J. Biswas (Centre) and members of his department with the visiting medical students from Japan

Dr Kumaramanickavel (Stdg 5th from Rt) explained about the incidence and prevalence of genetically inherited eye diseases in India and the counseling they offer on this issue.

Dr SK Rao(Stdg 4th from Lt) of Darshan eye care explained to them abou various corneal disorders prevalent in India and tackling
The team was very much surprised to know about almost equal number of women medical faculty in institutes in Chennai and were appreciative of the excellent clinical and research skills possessed by the Indian health care specialists. They were also impressed by the hospitality they received in India.

They visited Frontier Life Line Dr KM Cherian heart foundation to see a open heart surgery and also patients who had undergone stem cell therapy for heart ailments. They then visited the Tissue line laboratory affiliated to Dr KM Cherian heart foundation and interacted with Dr Soma Guhathakurtha about the tissue engineering of bovine jugular vein for human use.


Dr KM Cherian, a world renowned cardiac surgeon, flanked by the students from Yamanashi University at his office


Dr. Ravikumar of Life Line Hospital, Perungudy explained to them about clinical applications of Autologous bone marrow stem cells in conditions such as Liver Cirrhosis and Spinal Cord Injury.

In the Life Line Hospital, Perungudy, Dr Ravikumar (Stdg Extreme Rt) explained to them about the scientific basis and modus operandi of stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries. The team appreciated the challenging spirits of Indian clinicians and the methodical and skilled way of adopting newer technologies to treat intractable diseases which are big challenge to the modern allopathy to great extent.

To know about the prevailing health care system and ethical regulations, they interacted with Dr Amalorpavanathan (Member, Transplantation advisory committee) and Dr SR Subrammanniyan (Vascular Surgeon, Vijaya Hospital & Chairman, Ethics committee of NCRM)

Dr SR Subrammanniyan with the students at a press conference in Chennai


In Delhi they visited the Institute of Pathology, Indian Council of Medical Research headed by Dr Saxena and listened to the collaborative project between them and NCRM as explained by Dr Lakman Kumar Yerneni.


Dr Sunita Saxena (Director, IOP, ICMR) interacting with the students. Dr Yerneni is sitting on the right side


They also met with the Associate Professor of Stem Cell Facility Dr Sujatha Mohanthy in her facility and interacted with her team. Following which they were given a presentation about the All India Institute of Medical Sciences by Dr Gupta, the spokesperson and this meeting was organized by Dr Rajpal Vohra, professor, Vireoretinal surgery at Dr RP Centre, AIIMS.


With Dr Mohanty (Stdg 5th from Lt) at ORBO complex

With Dr Gupta (Sitting) and Dr Rajpal Vohra (Extreme Right)
*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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