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09 May 22 2022020 Nutrition insight Gut microbiome is “paramount” to regenerative medicine, stress Japanese researchers 0 English
09 May 22 2022019 Research Features A study of a biological response modifier glucan in children with autism 0 English
06 May 22 2022018 Biotech Gate Gut microbiome as a tool in regenerative medicine; Novel approach driven by GN Corp Japan with potentials in neurological illnesses 0 English
12 Apr 22 2022017 Youtube Invest in Japan : Regenerative Medicine / Basic Science 0 English
18 Mar 22 2022016 Nuffoodsspectrum Behavioral improvement in children with Autism with Beta glucans from Japan 0 English
17 Mar 22 2022015 Healthcareradius Beta glucan help behavioural improvement in children with Autism 0 English
17 Mar 22 2022014 Biopharmaapac Behavioral improvement in children with Autism with Beta glucans from Japan 0 English
17 Mar 22 2022013 Medgatetoday Behavioral improvement in children with Autism with Beta glucans from Japan 0 English
06 Mar 22 2022012 Medicine innovates In vitro rejuvenation of osteoarthritis-affected human chondrocytes cultured in a polymer based 3D matrix, evidenced by enhanced miRNA expression 0 English
25 Feb 22 2022011 Bloomberg A wholesome ecosystem in Japan enabling development of novel solutions; View of GN Corp (NCRM Japan liaison office), featured in Bloomberg 0 English
14 Feb 22 2022010 The Hindu Autism Sunday observed at JAICARE Madurai with panel discussion on A.pullulans Beta glucan for behaviour and sleep improvement in Autism 0 English
14 Feb 22 2022009 Virtual Times English
14 Feb 22 2022008 Afternoon English
14 Feb 22 2022007 The Hindu Tamil Tamil
14 Feb 22 2022006 Dhina Bhoomi Tamil
14 Feb 22 2022005 Dhina Kural Tamil
14 Feb 22 2022004 Makkal Kural Tamil
14 Feb 22 2022003 Andhra Jyothi Telugu
15 Feb 22 2022002 Southern Mail English
02 Feb 22 2022001 Nutraingredients Biological response modifier beta glucans help manage COVID-19 in clinical trial 0 English
07 Oct 21 2021009 Foreign Press Center Japan Japanese beta-glucans to tackle long-COVID syndrome- First of its kind clinical study 0 English
21 sep 21 2021008 Nutraingredients Black yeast derived beta glucans help control Cytokine storm in COVID-19 0 English
08 Jul 21 2021007 AgedCare Japanese reversal of cartilage aging restoring youthfulness: new technique 0 English
07 Jul 21 2021006 BioSpace Reversal of Aging of Human Cartilage, Restoring Youthfulness; the First of Its Kind Feat by Edogawa Hospital, Japan. 0 English
30 Jun 21 2010005 Padirac Innovation Improvement of behavior and alpha-synuclein levels in autism spectrum disorders after consumption of a beta-glucan dietary supplement 0 English
20 Mar 21 2021004 Agro FOOD Industry Hi-Tech A biological response modifier glucan based dietary supplement approach to combat illnesses including COVID-19, due to immune weakness; Agro FOOD Industry Hi-Tech - vol. 32(1) 2021 0 English
20 Mar 21 2021003 E Times Cartilage regeneration cell therapy in ACI and MACI enhanced by hyaluronic acid enriched tissue engineered chondrocytes by Japanese Orthopedicians0 English
09 Mar 21 2021002 Bio Spectrum Asia Regenerative therapy to treat knee joint damages gets boost in Japan0 English
16 Feb 21 2021001 Nutra Ingredients Asia Japanese beta glucan supplement clinically studied as an adjunct treatment for COVID-19 in India 0 English
05 Aug 20 2020013 Presna Japan - Panama - India institutes recommend a japanese dietary supplement based immune modulation to tackle Covid-19 (Press release by INDICASAT, Panama; in Spanish)0 Spanish
05 Aug 20 2020012 Radio Panama Spanish
05 Aug 20 2020011 Critica Spanish
03 Aug 20 2020010 Forbes Centroamérica Panama, Japan and India collaborate to identify strategies to strengthen the immunity of COVID-19 patients0 Spanish
03 Aug 20 2020009 Infobae Spanish
03 Aug 20 2020008 Yahoo Noticias Spanish
29 Jul 20 2020007 Eurobiz-Japan Novel cell therapy solutions in for Urethral stricture and Cartilage regeneration using unique biomaterial technologies from Japan; Euro Biz Cover Story, July 20200 English
14 Jul 20 2020006 Times of India NNCRM NICHE International Stem Cell meet is going virtual in 2020 - Press Release by M/s. GN Corporation Co. Ltd. English
18 Jun 20 2020005 Business Wire Cell Therapy Tools for Cartilage Repair From Osteoarthritic Knee Joint of Elderly Pluripotent cells grown from discard-worthy tissue by Edogawa hospital; World’s first such report- Press Release by M/s. GN Corporation Co. Ltd . English
17 Jun 20 2020004 Financial Post Japanese Dietary Supplement: Nichi Glucan, an Immune Booster in Covid-19 Scientists recommend clinical studies in people with comorbidities, combat the pandemic - Press Release by M/s. GN Corporation Co. Ltd. English
30 Apr 20 2020003 Business Wire Cross protection by encephalitis vaccine as a factor for lesser COVID mortality - Edogawa Hospital researchers’ novel hypothesis English
24 Apr 20 2020002 Biospectrum Asia English
24 Apr 20 2020001 Media Circle English
*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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