Formation and evolution of life and biological systems in the physical environment of this universe is influenced by factors originating from external and internal sources of physical, chemical and cosmic nature. 

The unicellular organisms like Amoeba, which had only the nature as their "NICHE" which is an Ex-Vivo NICHE by nature, we call it as Alpha Niche. Unicellular organisms when evolved into multicellular organisms have developed an unique In Vivo NICHE, we have named as Beta Niche. specific to each tissue or organ depending on the functions required for the survival of the organism and also lead to the creation of an intra vivo NICHE, which we have christened as Gamma Niche.

Gamma Niche, is an unique environment in which there exists a symbiosis with other organisms. The external influence of the Alpha Niche by nature  of a single cell organism, upon evolution, act directly and indirectly on the Beta Niche of the multicellular organism, which in turn influences the functional evolution of the cells, tissues and organs and make them adapt to the environment.

These exclusive NICHE phenomena found in several lower animals which is the result of complex physico-chemico-biological interactions, with their evolution to higher animals have an additional component of "thought processes" influencing the behaviour and subsequent adaptation of cells to their niche or evolving of the Beta Niche

The METANICHE is a philosophy and science of micro and macro environments of both nature and biological systems which form the cradle of every living organism which have evolved over a period with influence from the organisms that were nursed in those cradles as well as between and within the organisms and nature.